What is the product authentication label?

What is the product authentication label?

In this short article, we are going to introduce you to the product authenticity label on Iranian products. A label is required for the production, import, and distribution of various goods in Iran, and your familiarity with this label can help you do better business with Iranian companies.

This label is indeed only valid in Iran, but its presence assures you that the product you are looking to export has been produced under the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration of Iran.

authentication label

The product authenticity label is a white label with a yellow border and black writing. The original barcode, production and expiration date, production series, and product ID are among the information on this label. The product authenticity label on the products shows the quality and authentication of the product. The special barcode on the label helps the buyers of the product to identify the product and detect its origin. This label also helps manufacturers and importers to protect their brands against abuse and fraud. On the other hand, it helps market supervisors and inspectors to track and identify the product and prevent smuggling and the entry of unhealthy products into the Iranian market.

According to the laws of the Food and Drug Organization in Iran, the use of the product authentication label is mandatory for medical products, and products without this label are not allowed to be distributed in the market. This law includes all products produced in domestic factories as well as foreign imported products. Therefore, when you intend to buy a health-oriented product, pay attention to the authenticity label that must be fixed on it. Products that do not have this label are not under the supervision and control of the Food and Drug Organization and may endanger your health.

Prevention of smuggling, the most important function of the product authenticity label

The product authenticity label has various functions and its most important function is to prevent the smuggling of goods. Smuggling of goods, especially the smuggling of health-oriented goods, has many disadvantages for the health and economy of society. Smuggled goods may not only endanger the health of consumers but also cause serious damage to domestic production and the legal entry of goods into each country. The noteworthy point is that only the goods registered in the customs system as imported products can receive the product authenticity label. Therefore, contraband goods cannot receive this label and will not be allowed to be distributed in the market. If you see such products, legal problems will arise for their sellers.

Methods of preparation of product authentication label

To obtain a product authentication label, you must first file a case with the Food and Drug Organization. During this work, you inform this organization of your company’s information as a producer or importer. It is also necessary to register information about the product, its manufacturing company, product registration number in customs, its constituent formulation, production and expiration date, etc. on this site. All these items make up your case. In the following, supervisors and specialists of the Food and Drug Organization will review the file and if the information contained in it is confirmed, you will be permitted to receive the product’s authenticity label.

Of course, if you don’t feel like going through administrative procedures, or you want to spend less time on it, you can use the services of product authenticity label companies. These companies are mostly active in the field of label printing and code generation, but they can also do administrative procedures for you more quickly. Then you can specify the size and number of labels according to your needs and order printing.

Also, it is possible to prepare authentication labels by using software like Medicode which many Companies in Iran use.  To get an authentication label by Medicode software you have to enter data and after submitting the software prepare an XML file which you should upload to the Food and Drug Administration website. After that, you can print the label and put it on your products.

authentication label

What is a fake authentication label?

The fake authentication label is very similar to the authenticity label of the original product. So that at first glance you cannot recognize a fake from the original. One of the ways to recognize a fake label is that none of the codes on it are valid. These labels are attached to products that are either smuggled or are not of suitable quality for supply. That’s why they turn to fake labels.

Methods for detecting fake authentication labels

In the previous section, you understood the importance of the originality of the label. In this section, we review how you can distinguish the original label from the fake one.

One of the main ways is to inquire about the code inserted on the label. Therefore, the existence of a label cannot prove the authenticity of that product, because the product may be accompanied by a fake label. After you get the inquiry, if there is a discrepancy with the product itself, which indicates that the product is not original, we advise refrain from buying it.

The advantages of using the product authentication label

Now that you are familiar with the necessity of inserting the product authenticity label on different products, it is better to get familiar with its advantages. The first advantage that can be mentioned for these labels is to prevent the smuggling of goods. As you know these days due to fluctuations in the market, the entry of smuggled products into Iran has increased. Buying different products can be very dangerous for people. On the other hand, smuggled products cause problems for sellers, producers, and legal importers.

Requiring authenticity labels on different products will prevent the spread of smuggled products in the market. It is interesting to know that only products that are registered as imported products in the customs system can receive the necessary permits to get the product authenticity label. Therefore, smuggling goods cannot receive the license to receive these labels, and as a result, they will not have the right to be widely distributed in the market.

Among the other advantages of placing authenticity labels on health-oriented products, we can mention the customer’s confidence in purchasing the product. You can query these tags in different ways. After inquiry, you will be informed of good points about the product. For example, by inquiring about the authenticity of these labels, you can access the production and expiration date of the product, the legal entry of the product, the manufacturing series, the manufacturing company, etc.

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